You’ll jeopardise your career unless…

We all know that reputations are important, everywhere you go. And most of the time, it is at your workplace. The place where you build your career and earn for a living. However, doing certain mistakes or rather habits may deter your ambition.


You are punctual.

Punctuality is key in the working environment. Wherever you go, whichever company you work in. It is very likely that your superior and your colleagues are vary toward the time you arrive at work. It is a reflection of your principles and how you value time. How frequent you come in late or on time will paint an image on you. For instance, when you clock in for work or meetings.

As mentioned, people are particular about your punctuality because it is an indication of you as a person.
Are you reliable when it comes to work?
Do you have discipline or dedication?
Do you value your work life?

People that work around you will begin to ponder about such question. In the long run, make no mistake that this can be part of what makes and breaks you in your career. Set your time 5 to 10 minutes earlier for work!

You dress well

Now, apart from being punctual, what matters is also they way you dress. It is what and how you wear your attire on a daily basis. It is one of the things that define you.

Remember your first day or week at work?  You would generally want dress to impress your new boss, colleagues etc. Then when you settle in to your role and the environment, your attire tend to be slobbish. But look at the upper management, your superiors. How do they dress themselves? Neat and clean from head to toe, sturdy-looking. Some even wear similar-patterned attires everyday. Why?

Because as leaders, people look to them. They need to have a good outlook for people to follow. They have to lead by example. If you say Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg wear the same attire all the time and not fancy attire.  For example, simple t-shirts, jeans, same hoodie jacket. That is true. However, there is a consistency in them and they know how to dress neatly! There’s a difference in that. Wear simple but neat as compared to simple but slobbish.

You adapt to the company culture.

Company culture varies differently depending on the values the company hold. Some companies encourage flexibility, freedom and openness. Some, emphasise on effectiveness and efficiency more than anything else. You need to be able to adapt and blend in to different culture. It is one of the key for your to survive and succeed. Not making an effort to that will make you look ignorant and disapproving on the culture. 

Alienating yourself, ignoring your colleagues and deferring to the way things are around your work. It will not be acceptable wherever you go. You cannot change what is but you can change how you look at it.  Therefore, adapt, learn what’s right and wrong. It will come to the point where you can evaluate for yourself. Whether or not this is the right way for you to work and do you feel at home at where you work.

You do more than what’s expected of you.

Remember that doing more than what’s expected of you will do more good to yourself than to others. Just as long as it is within your borders. Doing merely to meet minimum requirement will just be normal. It is what you should do anyway. However, why not take the opportunity to leap forward and learn. 

How can you make the end result more detailed and useful for your boss?

Constantly ask yourself that but be careful or its relevance. It will show that you are capable, eager to learn and care about what you do.

You stop becoming the chatterbox.

Socialising and creating a connection with your colleagues are all good. That’s a must, actually. However, becoming a chatterbox, will put you in a very dangerous position. It is the very core of how office politics grow in a workplace.  Mind your own business and do your work respectively.

Everyone loves to talk and chatterboxes are the likeable source. However, they can also be very annoying when things are a little out of hand. Do know that, becoming a chatterbox damages your creditability and accountability. If he to she is able to talk behind ones back so leisurely, what’s to say the next topic from that chatterbox is not you, yourself. Especially when you are involved in some chatter-worthy issues.

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