Pros and Cons of working in a big company

As a continuation of the article on working in a small company, this latest article is of thoughts on working in a BIG company. For instance, companies like Apple Inc, General Motors or Tesla Motors.

Well, below are the general views on the pros and cons of working in an established and big company.

Pros in a big company

Strong structure

Normally, in an established company, the internal structure and work process has been layed out firmly. SOPs already set and they are to be followed accordingly.

In saying so, your work process will also be more organized and have a clearer direction. For instance, What to do, How to do, Who to find. This is due to the emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency. Established companies deal a large scale of suppliers, customers, demand and supply. Therefore, matters such as monetary cost and time-saving will be priority.

Good benefits

Of course, you would expect working in an established company, you will earn a higher pay and also good side benefits. For example, medical allowances, car loan subsidies and petrol allowances. This is one of the deciding factors in choosing a job, especially for millennials!

Why? We want to feel valued. These days, aside from monetary benefits, we are also more emphasised on our personal well-being. In a way, it is you investing on your time and energy to work and you want to make assurance that it is rather worth it.

Opportunity for proper training

It is a norm for everyone in an established company to go through training sessions on a regular basis. Every level of management needs to participate.

This is an opportunity to broaden your knowledge at work, understand your company’s objectives and enhancing your skills. Such activities and opportunities not only will help you at your current workplace but also for your career advancement.

Focus on specific job task

Everyone has their own specific roles. This will be more clearer stated to you in an established company compared to a small, growing company. In a way, you only focus on what you need to do. You will also have the chance and time to constantly improve on your methods of working. Again, an emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency.

Cons in a big company


Flexibility at work in an established company will be lesser compared to small companies. This is because the solid structure of the company doesn’t not allow much flexibility. However, this may not be for all established companies. It depends on the upper management’s direction, perspectives and company culture.

Stress level

The stress you face at work will likely be more in an established company. This is because of the nature of work. For instance, the management or customer demands, workload, complications in reaching agreements and office politics. However, it is safe to say that it depends on you. You will face difficulties but remember, you are in control of how you react towards it.

How you define stress?
How high is your tolerance towards stress?
What are your personal methods to release stress?

Significance of your opinion

Okay, truth be told, in an established company, the significance of your opinion on certain matters are low. *I am not saying you won’t be heard ALL the time. *Don’t get me wrong* Your opinions matter and you definitely have a say.

It’s just that, you need to remember, a big company has a huge number of people working. A lot of consideration needs to be taken before a decision is made. Those decision may not always please you.

Then again, there is no definite recipe for success but a recipe for failure is to please everyone.

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