Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Picture this: You have just moved the states to where you are, beginning university life. Its your first day of class at your university. You look around, you don’t know anyone and it feels awkward.

You want to make friends and get your university life started. How? By communicating.

Communication is key to help you to become successful in your personal life and career. Communication doesn’t only consist of words. It’s not just about talking more. Actions speak louder than words.

It is the ability to listen and relate to people. In a way, it is showing that you truly care. Doing what you say you would do. Building trust.

To establish a solid communication

You must have the desire and energy to engage.

Effective communication requires connection. A spark, that will keep you going and going. That comes from engagement of the communicators involved. If there is no intent to find the connection, then most likely, it will only result in empty talk.

How do you find connection?

You must remember that it is all about the other person across the table. Not you.

Therefore, listen, with intent. People want to talk about themselves and want others to listen to them. Pay them with your attention.

You must be able to relate with people.

Find common ground with them. Their life background, their career experience, their musical interest, their life dreams and goals. Identify them and go from there. Continue with adding your own thoughts and insights on the subject. Share your personal experience, opinion and knowledge.

You must communicate with expression and emotion.

Talk, also with intent, purpose, conviction. Confidence, body language, hand gestures, eye contact, energy that you give out. That will show whether you genuinely mean what you say, if you truly care about what you talk about. In a way, it all comes from the heart.

You must value the person you converse with.

People want to feel valued and appreciated. Let them know that they matter. Along with their thoughts, opinions and emotions they feel.
Listening, relating and truthfulness will result in:

  • Showing that you care.
  • Showing that you are willing to help.
  • Showing that you can be trusted.

With such core skills, you can utilise it to elevate yourself in whatever you are doing, reaching your goals. Whether it is to be successful in your career or simply to be a better person. Put it this way. If it is for your career advancement, you may not be able to do it alone. In fact, there are many things that you cannot achieve by doing things alone. Talent and skills are not enough. To step up another level, You need people to help you.

On the other hand, if your goal is to be a better person:
Interaction will people enables the expansion of your knowledge, perspectives and deepen your insights.

All in all, remember, everyone has a story to tell.

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